Games > Jolly Gyro Jaunt - SGA Entry

Technologies: Unity (C#)

Co-creators: Edvard Rutström, Jonas Wickerström, Micael Svensson, Anton Persson (programmers). Sandra Kjellström, Björn Jonasson (art). David Nilsson (sound).

Jolly Gyro Jaunt was developed during the spring of 2012 as an entry for Swedish Game Awards, where it ultimately received an honorable mention. It is a single- and multiplayer physics platformer designed to allow speed running, and is a continuation of the Telewalker concept. My main areas of responsibility were project leadership, game design and programming.

The player controls a two-legged walker through a variety of jungle and temple environments, and has full control over the two extendable legs of the walker through the twin analog sticks of the controller. The challenge lies in using the legs correctly to navigate the levels as quickly as possible, while avoiding hazards.

Playable: Windows (Requires Xbox 360 gamepad)