Games > Jedi Knighting Ceremony - Jam Game

Technologies: Unity (C#)

Co-creators: Marko Permanto, Joachim Holmér, Jesper Engström, Giuseppe Lacapra, Max Sjöholm. Music by Mattias Häggström Gerdt (Anosou)

The new Jedi Knights are finished with their training and it is your job as an old Jedi Master to knight them. However, will your shaky hands and dark side tendencies turn the graduation into a gore fest?

This game was made during the No More Sweden 2011 game jam. I came up with the core game idea from the keyword "To knight", and it was fleshed out by bouncing ideas around the team. As my first real Unity coding project I made the lightsaber control routines and HUD counter elements.

Jesper and Giuseppe are responsible for the professional voice commentary. The music is by Anosou and is in no way whatsoever inspired by any previous works.

Video: Youtube