Games > I Lost my Arms in Space - Prototype for SGA 2011

Technologies: Scirra Construct

Co-creators: Sandra Kjellström (art), Leon Stekla (concept).

I Lost my Arms in Space was to be an entry to Swedish Game Awards 2011. It was developed together with two friends, with the gameplay design and programming being my responsibility.

The game mechanic is centered around changing the direction of gravity, which causes the main character, Lemmy Armstrong, to "fall" around the level. It is not possible to change direction in mid-air, so puzzles are about finding the right path by moving between walls and other surfaces. Gameplay is spiced up by other items in the levels being affected by the change in gravity direction, changing paths and activating traps.

Much of the core gameplay was implemented in the Construct game maker, and around half of the levels were designed. However Construct did not prove stable enough and lack of time in the team lead to the game being put on ice early on. The concept may be explored further in the future though!