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Nordic Game jamming again!

Hello blog sorry I keep neglecting you! I'm on my way to the Nordic Game Jam in Copenhagen again. With me are three of my interaction designing, game programming friends from school; Edvard Rutström, Micael Svensson and Anton Persson.


Blergh why aren't we there yet

These last two months we've been making two-week games in Unity, (though usually it's taken like 3 weeks +). Now we just started this huge project in school where we're to extend the Ogre3D rendering engine into a fully-fledged game engine and make a demo game with it. Fun times! Hopefully I'll get around to writng about all that here soon. Making those little games in Unity has been great fun though and we've really gotten to know that engine a lot better, which is probably the most used development platform at the jam (the danes at Unity being one of the main sponsors and all...).