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Blog downtime and some gamedev courses I'm taking

There was some trouble with the communication between Squarespace and my bank resulting in this blog being temporarily suspended. It took several days of trying before the payment finally went through, but here I am! Yay!

Apart from working on the SGA game and working part-time at the electronics warehouse I'm also taking two distance courses, one in game development and one in XNA programming using C#. The former, at Luleå Tekniska Universitet, is really interesting and gives lots of good advice regarding the development process, publisher relations, and scheduling and budgeting. I especially like the course book, which feels very accessable and has plenty of developer interviews.

The XNA course, at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, provides a good opportunity to get to grips with another development environment and above all MAKE MORE GAMES!

For the final project in that course I'm making a twin-stick shooter with visuals inspired by the ZX Spectrum. It's called GunFlyer and it's all about flying around using the recoil from two guns, aiming them individually with the two control sticks. And killing enemies with said guns! The course project will just be singleplayer but I think the basic premise would also work great as a very skill-based deathmatch game.

Many of the updates lately have been in English. From here on posts relating to my various game dev projects will be in English, while more everyday posts will usually be in Swedish as I feel I can write more personally in my native language.