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Lykta and IndieGBG in Level Magazine

In the latest issue of Level, there are 4 pages of wonderful west coast indie goodness in it! AutomatIndie GBG, my Lykta horror game project (and some Skövde). There's even mention of the awesome Collaboratory initiative!

Automat Recap

Automat was a huge success! There were lots of visitors and tons of great games on display, though I was mostly stuck in the darkroom running Lykta so I didn't have much time to play them. Lykta and the horror game running on it, The Rooms, performed really well, though the need to collect research data and perform interviews limited the number of people who had time to play. Sorry about that, but science must be done!

It's hard to get good photos of Lykta but Nidde of the Indie 500 project was there and recorded a vodcast. The part about Lykta starts 2:35 in.

Writers from the Swedish game magazine Level were also there to write about Göteborg's burgeoning indie scene. It should be out in stores now, pick it up to read more about Lykta and the other cool things happening here in Göteborg!